API Evangelist Partners

These are my partners who invest in API Evangelist each month, helping underwrite my research, and making sure I'm able to keep monitoring the API space as I do.


Streamdata is a software vendor making real-time data accessible to all by operating a proxy turning request / response APIs into feeds of real-time events.


Uptrends is the ultimate monitoring tool to stay in control of the uptime, performance, and functionality of your websites, APIs, and servers.


3scale makes it easy to open, secure, distribute, control and monetize APIs, that is built with performance, customer control and excellent time-to-value in mind.

API Reliability News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
How Do You Ensure API Quality? (2018-11-09) medium.com
This Is How We Kong (2018-10-22) medium.com
Plan, Test, Deploy: The Best Ways to Prevent Network Outages (2018-09-13) blogs.cisco.com
Designing a Usable, Flexible, Long (2018-09-02) dzone.com
Protect Your Sales Opportunities with SLOs and SLAs (2018-08-28) royal.pingdom.com
Increasing the Resilience of APIs with Chaos Engineering (2018-05-20) www.infoq.com
AWS Elastic load balance and CORS issues (2018-04-05) medium.com
Load (2018-03-15) dzone.com
Circuit Breaker in Lagom Microservices (2018-03-08) medium.com
Alexa is down, and everyone is making Super Bowl jokes (2018-03-02) mashable.com
The case when HTTP threatens the Database (2018-02-24) medium.com
Chaos Engineering using Amazon EC2 Systems Manager (2018-02-19) medium.com
Designing a Mission (2018-02-06) medium.com
Configuration Tales: Protecting a Flaky API Server (2018-02-02) dzone.com
What Breaks APIs? (2018-01-17) www.i-programmer.info
Network Reliability Engineering in 2018 (2017-12-23) dzone.com
The Pros and Cons of Database Scaling Options (2017-12-22) dzone.com
Bitcoin exchanges suffer outages (2017-12-12) www.ft.com
Outages & Transparency (2017-12-07) medium.com
Going SLO: Service Level Agreements and Service Level Objectives (2017-12-06) apimetrics.io
Local and Global Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus and Cedexis (2017-11-28) www.nginx.com
Destiny 2 API Not Working Correctly (2017-11-28) mmoexaminer.com
How Chaos Engineering Can Bring Stability to Your Distributed Systems (2017-11-06) thenewstack.io
Applying principles of chaos engineering to AWS Lambda with latency injection (2017-11-06) medium.com
The Rise of the Site Reliability Engineer (2017-10-30) blog.newrelic.com
Kentik Detect for Kentik Site Reliability (2017-10-30) www.kentik.com
Load (2017-10-23) blogs.cisco.com
Ensure Your Site Performs for Peak Traffic (2017-10-17) blog.loadimpact.com
A Cache is Fast: Enhancing our API with Redis (2017-10-16) medium.com
Mitigating replication lag and reducing read load with freno (2017-10-12) githubengineering.com
What Is Federated Load Balancing and Why Should You Care? (2017-10-05) admin.dyn.com
Steady Improvement (2017-10-03) apimetrics.io
Adding Resiliency to Handle Registry Outages in Codeship Pro (2017-09-28) blog.codeship.com
Mashape Proxy Outage September 7th, 2017 (2017-09-07) blog.rapidapi.com
Site Reliability Engineering Is a Kind of Magic (2017-08-30) thenewstack.io
Load Balancing for NGINX Plus with WURFL InFuze (2017-08-22) www.nginx.com
Beyond Google SRE: What is Site Reliability Engineering like at Medium? (2017-08-08) medium.com
Why Is Getting Clean Article and Product Data So Damn Hard? (2017-08-07) blog.diffbot.com
Judge: IBM owes Indiana $78M for failed welfare automation (2017-08-07) hosted.ap.org
How to Handle Planned Downtime for Your API (2017-08-02) zapier.com
Why We Should Care About Bad Data (2017-08-02) thegovlab.org
ChAP: Chaos Automation Platform – Netflix TechBlog – Medium (2017-08-01) medium.com
Designing for Scale: Part 3—Scaling Under Stress (2017-08-01) blog.newrelic.com
How CircleCI Processes 4.5 Million Builds Per Month (2017-07-31) circleci.com
GitHub goes down — and takes developer productivity with it (2017-07-31) techcrunch.com
Principles of Chaos Engineering (2017-07-26) principlesofchaos.org
Avoiding Garbage In – Garbage Out: Improving Administrative Data Quality for Research (2017-07-09) thegovlab.org
Introducing double opt (2017-07-07) blog.statuspage.io
Introducing double opt (2017-07-07) blog.statuspage.io
Shields.io: Quality metadata badges for open source projects (2017-07-06) shields.io
Service Discovery on OpenShift Using Multicast (2017-06-29) blog.openshift.com
What happened to the Yahoo Finance API? (2017-06-23) medium.com
People trust Amazon with their personal data more than other major tech companies (AMZN) (2017-06-20) www.businessinsider.com
Deploying NGINX Plus as a Highly Available AWS Load Balancer (2017-06-16) www.nginx.com
Event Hubs Auto (2017-06-15) azure.microsoft.com
Best Practices for API Error Handling (2017-06-15) nordicapis.com
High Availability for NGINX Plus on AWS with keepalived and Elastic IP Address (2017-06-02) www.nginx.com
Importing Historical Data from Yahoo Finance following the API Crash — R code (2017-06-01) medium.com
Microservices Patterns With Envoy Proxy, Part II: Timeouts and Retries (2017-06-01) developers.redhat.com
GitHub’s new zero downtime goal is off to a rocky start (2017-05-31) thenextweb.com
The 4 Golden Signals of API Health (2017-05-30) info.netsil.com
Robustness principle (2017-05-25) www.wikiwand.com
Why you should follow the robustness principle in your APIs (2017-05-25) engineering.klarna.com
What’s Your Quality (ok, uptime) (2017-05-23) medium.com
Load Balancing a Dynamic Infrastructure with NGINX, Chef, and Consul (2017-05-22) www.nginx.com
Why You Should Never Shut Down Your API Servers (unless you absolutely have to) (2017-05-16) www.apiscience.com
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.